ICT For Life Sciences Forum

Convergence Posts – Video

Driving New Opportunities for Health and Quality of Life as a Whole of Community Commitment – Alan Trounson

Finding a cure for HIV – dream or reality? – Professor Sharon Lewin

Brain structure, brain dynamics and brain initiatives: Cross-currents in neuroscience – Dr Partha Mitra

Life sciences research in an era of unrestrained opportunity and constrained resources – Professor Keith Yamamoto

Controlling electrical brain storms with electricity – Professor Dominique Durand


Using genetics to save lives – Professor Ingrid Winship


Can we be smarter than a coccolithophore? – Tiff Walsh


Perceiving the World – Professor Alan Yuile


Professor Warwick Anderson – Who benefits? A question about the future of health and medical research


Chris Hovens – Dead Men do tell tales: the unnatural history of seven lethal prostate cancer cases


Allan Jones – A map of the Brain


Announcement: The 2013 Graeme Clark Oration


Owen Gaffney: The geology of humanity – The power of data to change our worldview


2012 David Penington Lecture delivered by Associate Professor Christine Jorm, University of Sydney, on 16 September 2012, at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Mr Graham Cameron – Global Biomolecular Infrastructure and Potential Australian Roles.


Professor Brian Litt delivered his presentation: Flexible, active brain-computer interfaces for epilepsy on 13 September.


Professor Dame Linda Partridge delivered the 2012 Graeme Clark Oration.


Professor Roger Ordidge, Biomedical Imaging Using MRI


Professor Michael Stumpf, Systems and Technological Challenges to Personalized Medicine


Edmund Crampin is Associate Professor and Associate Director Postgraduate at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute


Professor Phil Hodgkin head of the Immunology Division at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne.


Professor Geoffrey Donnan. Director, Florey Neuroscience Institutes


Professor Peter Taylor. Director, Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative


Professor Rob Shepherd. Director, Bionics Institute


Professor Iven Mareels. Dean, Melbourne School of Engineering